Pine Needle Cleanup

After the holidays, you need to get the pine needles out of your house. Start off by planning before setting up your tree A. Place a drop cloth under the tree B. Place your decorated skirt apron under the tree over the drop cloth. C. Outside your house make sure you shake your tree well…

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Why housecleaning makes a great from the heart gift!

Why housecleaning makes a great from the heart gift! Giving a House Cleaning as a gift to someone special shows that you are looking to provide a help to the person receiving the gift. By giving the gift of House Cleaning you give the person receiving the gift many opportunities to benefit from the service.…

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Cleaning Tips

Flu and cold season is a great time to ramp up your house cleaning! Germs hide in every nook and cranny of your home. Some of the germiest places in your house are some of the easiest to be kept clean. You may be surprised where germs are lurking! Here are some simple ideas for…

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