Pine Needle Cleanup

After the holidays, you need to get the pine needles out of your house.

  1. Start off by planning before setting up your tree
    A. Place a drop cloth under the tree
    B. Place your decorated skirt apron under the tree over the drop cloth.
    C. Outside your house make sure you shake your tree well to get the loose needles off outside
  2. After bringing your tree in and setting it up it is important that you water it and keep it watered.
  3. When time remove the tree, take the skirt/apron off by folding the outside in keeping the needle between the skirt/apron. Then take the needles outside before opening and removing the needles
  4. Lift the drop cloth up around the tree keeping the cloth tight to the tree. About ¾ up the drop cloth rap a string around it and tie it off keeping the needles in the drop cloth and remove the tree.
  5. Get some duct tape and wrap it backwards around your micro fiber block and handle so that the sticky part is out and just touch the extra needles on the floor.
  6. Any leftover needles you can vacuum up or sweep up.