What Is Team Cleaning?

General Cleaning Guide

Match the time needed to the size of your home.

3 hours (700-1200 SQ FT)
4 hours (1200-1600 SQ FT)
5 hours ( 1600-2200 sq ft)

House cleaning services for the Twin Cities - S&L Team Cleaning

Team Cleaning, in short, is the synergistic approach to house or business cleaning. Instead of having one person come to clean your home, S&L Team Cleaning sends out a team of trained professional cleaners. Each team member specializes in various aspects of the cleaning process. This is the most efficient way to give you the best cleaning in the shortest amount of time.

The benefits are many including:

  • Shorter time needed to clean your home. One single house cleaner might take three and one half hours to clean your home where our team of three (an example) might be able to do the same job in one hour, a savings of a half hour paid time.
  • Specialized cleaners know what to look for when they come to do the job.
  • More flexibility for you when scheduling since our teams can clean more homes in one day.
  • The S&L Team Cleaning employees learn how to work well together and make sure all team members do an excellent job. The team likes happy clients and makes sure every aspect of the job is completed to your satisfaction.

It is important to understand how the team cleaning plan works. Some of our clients have booked what we call a "Three Hour Cleaning" expecting the team to be present on the job for three hours. What you are actually booking is three "cleaner hours" of work. In other words, if we send out two cleaners for a "Three Hour Cleaning" you would receive one and a half hours of cleaning per cleaner. If we send out a team of three cleaners for a "Three Hour Cleaning" you would receive one hour total cleaning time from each cleaner. So make sure you have a full understanding of how our system works BEFORE you book your appointment.