How to clean your floors in Winter

Do you get that white residue on your floor from the salt? After washing your floors do you have a haze all over your floors?

Well you must be in Minnesota in the winter. Even the best cleaners have problems getting floors clean and sparkling in the Winter. So how can we make your floors look good all winter long?

Well vinegar and the right process will help restore your floors during the winter.

1. Dust mop using a micro fiber mop and vacuum your floors removing all dirt.

A. Using the dust mop get the big dirt off the floor

B. Vacuuming removes all the little dirt on the floor and corners

C. Use another micro fiber cloth with a ½ cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

D. After the floor dries if there is any haze mop the floors again using clean water

Now you know the Professional House Cleaning method to clean floors in Winter in Minnesota.