Microfiber Mops Are The Best Way For Cleaning Wood Floors

Cleaning wood floors need not be a problem if you use a micro fiber mop to keep up on the maintenance of the wood floor. By using a micro fiber mop on your floors you will get the bits of dirt that may scratch your floor from people dragging them across your floor with their feet or shoes.

Micro fiber mops make it easy and almost fool proof to keeping your floors clean every week. The micro fiber are a cost effective means to cleaning of your floors because they can be machined washed to get them cleaned after use. With swifters you use them and throw them away after you use them and they do not collect as much dirt off your floors when you clean them as a micro fiber mop.
Your local home building center will have micro fiber mops and handles that you can purchase ot be used with different cleaning solutions to cleaning your wood floors.

Why Microfiber?

It is safe for all finished wood surfaces. It will not scratch – provided you use it correctly and have the right size pads on it. They are lightweight and easy to use. They pick up dirt and dust well. They are great for big homes and small spaces.

I believe they work better than the old sponge mops, swifter or other mops to clean your floors. Micro fiber mops keeps the dirt and water on the mop not on your floors.