Ladder use for Holiday Decorations

Falls off ladders during Holiday are one of the leading cause of injuries at this time of year.
1. Since many times you are using a ladder to hang electrical lights you must make sure that when hanging lights they are off while you place them where they are to go and then turn them on once they are in place.
2. Inspect the ladder before you use it to make sure that all steps are good and there is no damage to the ladder
3. When climbing a ladder always maintain 3 points on the ladder 2 feet and one hand for your protection. Keep your body in the middle of the ladder for a better balance.
4. All steps need to be clean and not slippery before you start work. If they get slippery while working stop and clean the steps.
5. Do not use the top step or rung of a ladder
6. Use a ladder on stable and level surface
7. Be sure all locks are in place before you start climbing on the ladder
8. Be careful and have a good and safe Holiday