Prepping your home for holiday parties can be hectic. Eliminate day-of cleaning chaos by calling S & L TEAM CLEANING 651-484-5233. Follow our 7-STEP Cleaning Plan to help plan for your party.

When you’re making your party to-do list, add “Clean the house” near the top, but don’t think of it as a chore. Because we can make the job easy for you to get done by providing good organized cleaners to make your house sparkle.

Divide the work into tasks that can be completed in small task that you want to tackle or have us help you with.

· 1: Strategize what do you need help with cleaning

· 2: Brighten the Windows and Entry

· 3: Clean the Bathrooms

· 4: Clean the living and entertainment area

· 5: Attack the Kitchen

· 6: Detail the house to make sure everything is clean

· Day 7: Do Touch-Ups

Give us a call 651-484-5233 or go to our easy ON LINE SCHEDULER at and schedule yourself