Why housecleaning makes a great from the heart gift!

Giving a House Cleaning as a gift to someone special shows that you are looking to provide a help to the person receiving the gift. By giving the gift of House Cleaning you give the person receiving the gift many opportunities to benefit from the service.

  • You give them time. To rest, to have fun, to spend time with loved-ones. That loved one might even be you.
  • You give them a break. From stress with trying to keep a home clean and welcoming, while trying to be that super women or man doing many different things.
  • You give them support and recognize their desire to keep a clean house but want to help them find the time they need to do other things more important in their life. It is not cheating to provide the sevice for help without pushing the vacuum around yourself! It is an acknowledgement that you want to help.
  • You give them care. Sometimes people can use some help at holiday time, when a baby comes, graduations, Valentine Day, when a loved-one is ill, when they are tired or times are tough.
  • You just show love. No one wins a medal for scrubbing their house. It is fine just to say I Love You in another way.